Kerio Control Support and Sales

Kerio ControlKerio Control is an award winning UTM(Unified Threat Management) firewall designed to protect medium and small businesses from a comprehensive range of invasive and crippling corporate network threats. Protect your network from viruses, malware and malicious activity with Kerio Control, the easy-to-administer yet powerful all-in-one security solution.

Control‘s auto updating security layer detects and prevents emerging threats automatically while providing network administrators with flexible user policy tools, complete bandwidth management and QoS(Quality of Service) control, detailed network monitoring, and one of the fastest, most reliable VPNs(Virtual Private Network) on the market.

Kerio Control provides superior network protection and intelligence that is stable, secure, and above all, simple to manage.


Network Firewall, Router and Leading-Edge IPS

Control Firewall Router IPSPreserve the integrity of your servers with deep packet inspection and advanced network routing capabilities – including simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support. Create inbound and outbound traffic policies, restricting communication by specific URL, traffic type, content category and time of day. Kerio Control’s IPS adds a transparent layer of network protection, with Snort-based behavior analysis, and a regularly updated database of rules and blacklisted IP addresses from Emerging Threats.


Advanced Sophos Gateway Antivirus

Kerio Control Sophos Anti VirusKeep viruses, worms, trojans and spyware from infesting your network with integrated Sophos Gateway Antivirus. The optional Sophas Antivirus service scans all web and FTP traffic, email attachments and downloads, automatically updating itself with the latest virus definitions


Industry Leading Web and Content Filtering

Kerio Control Web Content FilteringSelectively block, allow or log access to 141 categories of web content with Kerio Control Web Filter.  Keep your users from visiting malware sites that are known to contain viruses and spyware or to engage in phishing or identity theft. The optional Kerio Control Web Filter service limits legal liability, protects your network and boosts user productivity by limiting user access to dangerous or inappropriate sites or those that just plain waste time.


Unmatched Quality of Service

Control has Unmatched ServiceEasily prioritize and monitor network traffic to guarantee high-speed transmission for the most important traffic types. Internet Link Load Balancing optimizes internet access by distributing traffic across multiple links. Kerio Control monitors link availability, and automatically disables or re-enables links to ensure continuous Internet access.


Productivity: Boosting Usage Reporting

Control Usage ReportingGet detailed usage reporting with Kerio Control Statistics. This component lets managers and admins view the Internet activity details of individual users. Use these granular usage insights to refine traffic-shaping rules, monitor employee performance, and more. Best of all, these highly granular reports can automatically run on a schedule and be emailed to you, ready for your review – no need to actively pull reports each week.


Secure VPN

Control Secure VPNLink headquarters to remote users and branch offices securely and easily. Kerio’s own VPN tunneling with dead-simple setup requires minimal configuration and provides a high performance network connection. Or, use industry-standard IPsec/ L2Tp for connectivity from mobile devices or third-party firewalls. Enable 2-step verification for an extra layer of security on all forms of remote access.


Unparalleled Simplicity

Kerio Control is Simple to UseHandle all administration and configuration activities from a customizable web-based console – no matter the deployment option you choose. Manage anytime, anywhere from your desktop or tablet. Monitor system health and network traffic. Quickly and securely access security settings, manage users and bandwidth, set traffic policies from an intuitive interface. Automatically back up your custom settings to secure cloud-based storage via integration to Samepage or to FTP.


Flexible Deployment

Control Flexible DeploymentBring secure operations to any IT environment, now and going forward. Kerio Control deploys as a software appliance, a virtual machine, or a performance – optimized hardware appliance. It supports your organisation’s IPv6 strategy, whether you’re transitioning from IPv4 or use both protocols. and you can use your favorite SNMP tools to monitor Kerio Control’s status.


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