Kerio Connect Support and Sales

Kerio Connect SoftwareKerio Connect is the award winning, leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange for medium and small businesses. Connect brings business class email, shared calendars and contact management to most email clients, web browsers and mobile devices at a fraction of the cost and IT overhead.

With integrated anti virus, powerful anti spam, built in archiving, automated backup and an easy admin interface, Kerio Connect gives businesses everything they need for secure email and messaging in one low cost package.

Deployment options for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware and Parallels, and public and private cloud hosted options, allow Kerio Connect to run in virtually any customer environment.

Bring your own device

Kerio Connect BYODKerio Connect makes BYOD easy. From iPhones to Android phones to tablets, Kerio support virtually every mobile device on the market. Kerio Connect is so simple to use that end users can configure their own devices without bothering IT.


Flexible, Cross-Platform Client Support

Kerio Connect Cross Platform FlexibilityKerio Connect delivers the flexibility that users want and expect – the freedom to use Outlook (Windows & Mac), the OS X Apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Reminders, or the full-featured client for web mail.


Secure and Protected Email

Kerio Connect is SecureProtects against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and antivirus tools, and more. Automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters. Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations to comply with legal requirements for email retention.


Unparalleled Simplicity

Kerio Connect is Simple to UseKerio Connect delivers the features and functionality of Microsoft Exchange — without its complexity and cost. With its clean and simple web admin interface, you can even configure your system from a tablet device.


Flexible Deployment

Kerio Connect Flexible DeploymentKerio Connect supports three different deployment options, to let you choose the approach that best fits with your existing IT processes, infrastructure and organization. No matter what option you use, Kerio Connect offers the same great end-user experience, rigorous security, and ease of administration.


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