<h2>Reliable IT Support Solutions in Donegal</h2>

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Our <strong>Sligo Office</strong> opened in 2013 as a field office to provide <strong>IT Support Services</strong> to our business clients based in Connaught and the Northwest. The Office currently has two full time engineers will allow us to offer IT Support Services to business customers in <strong>Galway</strong>, <strong>Mayo</strong>, <strong>Sligo</strong> as well as Killybegs and Letterkenny in <a href=”https://www.deitg.com/it-support-donegal/”>Donegal</a>.

<h3>Our Business IT Support is Available:</h3>

  • 8 Hours a Day
  • 5 days a Week
  • With a 4 hour Response Time (8x5x4)
  • Out of Hours IT Support is Available Under Contract

<h3>Contact DEITG Sligo by:</h3>

  • <strong>Phone</strong>: +353 (0)71 930 0180
  • <strong>Email</strong>: <a href=”mailto:sligo@deitg.com”>SLIGO@DEITG.COM</a>
  • Completing the feedback Form

<h2>Other IT Support Services offered through our Sligo office include:</h2>

<h3>Software Development</h3>
We have an in-house team of Software engineers ready to design, develop and implement bespoke software to simplify your business process.

<h3>Website Design and Digital Marketing</h3>
DEITG have been developing Websites since 2008, since then the game has changed with more of a focus on <a title=”Digital Marketing Strategy ” href=”https://www.deitg.com/digital-marketing/”>Digital Marketing Strategy</a>, DEITG can work with you company to developed a strategy to manage you companies online presence.

<h3>PC, Desktop, Laptop and Server Sales</h3>
As a DELL, Fujitsu and Microsoft partner DEITG can supply, install and maintain all brands of computer equipment.

<h3>Computer Networking</h3>
As a Kerio and <a title=”ZyXEL Partner” href=”https://www.deitg.com/zyxel/”>Zyxel Partner</a> DEITG plan, design, implement and support networks of all sizes including LAN, WAN and <a title=”Wireless Networks for Business” href=”https://www.deitg.com/wireless-networks-for-business/”>Wireless Networks</a>.

<h3>Contact Details</h3>

  • <strong>Phone</strong>: +353 (0)71 930 0180
  • <strong>Email</strong>: <a href=”mailto:sligo@deitg.com”>SLIGO@DEITG.COM</a>
  • <strong>Opening Hours</strong>:
    Monday – Friday
    8:30am – 5:30pm
  • <strong>Coordinates</strong>: 54.276772, -8.461717
  • <strong>Address</strong>:
    DEITG IT Generalists,
    Innovation Centre,
    Sligo IT,
    Ash Lane,
    Co. Sligo,