In 2017, DEITG became accredited as a certified IASME Assessor and are now licensed to perform audits on companies looking to achieve IASME standard. 

What is the IASME Standard?

The IASME Governance standard, based on international best practice, is risk-based and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness, and data backup. The IASME standard was recently recognised as the best cyber security standard for small companies by the UK Government when in consultation with trade associations and industry groups.  The IASME governance self-assessment includes the Cyber Essentials assessment within it as well as an assessment against the requirements of the GDPR.

The audited IASME certification is seen as a realistic alternative to ISO27001 by an increasing number of companies.   

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IASME assesses and certifies organisations against two standards at both the self-assessment and audited levels.

  • Cyber Essentials 

  • IASME Governance 

Cyber Essentials

It has been shown the vast majority of cyber-attacks are very basic in nature, and carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. With the large amount of threats these days, companies need to be take their security responsibilities very seriously. Protecting customers and users’ information and maintaining their computer systems safe from malicious threats is paramountAs has been seen from media reports in recent years, these threats are becoming more prevalent, and so it is important to remain vigilant in the face of these.

Cyber Essentials helps organisations implement the following levels of protection against cyber-attackshelping to reassure their customers that they take security and data protection seriously.

  • Firewalls and Internet Gateways 

  • Secure Configuration 

  • Access Control

  • Malware Protection

  • Patch Management

More information on Cyber Essentials can be found at https://www.cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk 

IASME Goverance

The IASME Governance is designed to allow small companies to demonstrate their level of cybersecurity for a realistic cost and indicates that they are taking good steps to properly protect their customers’ information. 

The IASME Governance assessment includes a Cyber Essentials assessment and GDPR requirements and is available either as a self assessment or on-site audit.

We can provide both the above services depending on the requirements of our client.

By gaining the Audited IASME Governance certificate your organisation is achieving IASME’s highest level of certification and providing assurance to customers and suppliers that your organisation’s security has been audited by a skilled, independent third-party. 

An onsite visit will provide for more scope in terms of analyzing the client’s security practices and configurations. The audit can be scheduled as it involves interviews with members of staff and a review of documentation and system configuration. The assessor may also wish to visit branch offices or other locations in order to verify that good security practice is maintained across the organisation as a whole.

Once the audit has been completed, the Certification Body will provide you with a written report of their findings and a recommendation of a pass or fail, which will then be ratified by IASME.

If you have passed the assessment, you will then be awarded a certificate and be authorised to display the Audited IASME Governance logo in association with your business (e.g: on your  website, in correspondence and in marketing materials).

Download more information on the IASME Standard (v5.0).


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